EGAST Newsletter Jan 2010

EGAST_Newsletter-Jan2010, highlights:

  • Proactive Safety for GA: Detection of accident precursors: the Flight Instructors and Examiners community should be involved in the concept of accident precursors and selecting a suitable approach to identify these in a changing GA world. The concepts of reactive, historic and pro-active safety were discussed. More in 2010.
  • GA Safety data: EGAST won’t gather data but will make use of data provided by others and will encourage improvement of provision of data. A sub-group of EGAST will aggregate data provided from within and outside EGAST.
  • Research: Are you flying with MOGAS? If yes, the conclusion of the EASA Research project on Safety implication of alcohol (bio-ethanol) in MOGAS may interest you. The research report will soon be published on the EASA Research web page.
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