HE 7 – Techniques for Helicopter Operations in Hilly and Mountainous Terrain

13 May 2014 – The European Helicopter Safety Team (EHEST) today published a new safety promotion leaflet on techniques for helicopter operations in hilly and mountainous terrain. The leaflet aims to help pilots and instructors understand basic principles, threats, errors and possible undesirable aircraft states when flying in mountainous terrain. Developed in partnership with major stakeholders, the leaflet also provides guidance to manage the risks associated with these operations.  Click here to download the leaflet.

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EHEST publishes Safety Management Toolkit for non-Complex Operators

The European Helicopter Safety Team (EHEST) today released a Safety Management Toolkit for non-Complex Operators consisting of a Safety Management Manual (SMM), a Guidance Document and an Emergency Response Plan.

This Toolkit has been created by the Specialist Team Operations & SMS of EHEST. The SMM Version 1 for Non-Complex operators has been developed with consideration of Annex III of the EU regulation on Air Operations, Part ORO Subpart GEN Section II ‘Management System’ and the relevant AMCs and GM published in October 2012. It will be particularly useful for Non-Complex operators with limited experience of running a Safety Management System (SMS).

Visit the EHEST Safety Management page for more information.


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Safety Promotion Leaflet on Using Advanced Navigation Technology Safely

The European General Aviation Safety Team (EGAST) published a new Safety Promotion Leaflet on Using Advanced Navigation Technology Safely. The market for onboard navigation technology is evolving quickly. The immediate potential safety benefits are numerous including reduced workload and unprecedented information to enhance situational awareness but the technology may also come with hidden risks including overreliance on systems and distraction. This Leaflet, which is also of relevance for the helicopter community, intends to raise awareness on potential traps and share good practices for better and safer use of advanced technology for navigation in day VFR.

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Article in AirRescue – EHEST – Helicopter safety – Everybodys concern

Read full article: AirRescue Magazine – article EHEST





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EHSIT ST technology work presented at European Rotorcraft Forum (ERF), 4-7 Sept. 2012, Amsterdam

An update of the work of the EHSIT ST technology team was presented during the European Rotorcraft Forum (ERF), 4-7 Sept. 2012, Amsterdam. See the presentation and the paper.

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Translations of EHEST publications

The Team encourages and facilitates the translation of the different EHEST publications. All documents are approved by the EHEST Plenary in English. This master version is then available to organisation to translate. The focus is on European languages. The table below provides an update of the translations available.


Last update: EHEST Deliverables translation update – June 2012

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Belgian Helicopter Safety Day – 27 June 2012

The Belgian Civil Aviation Authority invited pilots and safety professionals for an Helicopter Safety Day on the 27 June 2012.  The focus was on Airmanship. See the Agenda. The maximal capacity of the conference room was reached just three days after the opening of the registrations. Interesting and informative day.

A presentation on EHEST and in particular the Leafleat HE2 on Airmanship was delivered:

EHEST for Belgian Helicopter Safety Day – 27 June 2012


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New Executive Committee members for the International Helicopter Safety Team



Feb. 29, 2012, Contact: Duncan Trapp, Phone: +44 (0)1224 846455

Bristow CEO Bill Chiles and Capt. John Steel of the Irish Aviation Authority Named to the Executive Committee of the International Helicopter Safety Team  


CHICAGO – The International Helicopter Safety Team (IHST), a worldwide organization leading a multi-year effort to reduce the civil helicopter accident rate, has added two new members to its Executive Committee – Bill Chiles, president and chief executive officer of  Bristow Group, and Capt. John Steel of the Irish Aviation Authority.

Chiles heads Bristow Group Inc. (NYSE: BRS), the leading provider of helicopter services to the offshore energy industry based on the number of aircraft operated, and one of two helicopter service providers to the offshore energy industry with global operations.  The Company has major operations in the North Sea,Nigeria, and the U.S. Gulf of Mexico, as well as most of the other major offshore oil and gas producing regions of the world; includingAlaska,Australia,Brazil,Russia, andTrinidad.  In addition, the company provides search and rescue services and offers pilot training throughBristowAcademy.

Capt. Steel serves as the Manager General Aviation Standards for the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA).  Prior to joining the IAA, he was a helicopter pilot and an instructor in the U.K. Royal Navy and operated in the anti-submarine warfare, search and rescue and amphibious assault roles. On leaving the Navy, he was involved in a variety of helicopter operations such as offshore operations in the North Sea, police air support, helicopter emergency medical service, lighthouse support, marine piloting, and has included training and testing in all these areas. His civilian career also has included positions such as chief pilot, head of training and quality manager.

The International Helicopter Safety Team (IHST) was formed to lead a government and industry cooperative effort to address factors that were affecting an unacceptable helicopter accident rate. 

The group’s mission is to reduce the international civil helicopter accident rate by 80 percent by 2016.


This effort is co-chaired by a government member (the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration) and by an industry member.  Major industry participants include AgustaWestland, the American Helicopter Society International, Bell Helicopter, Bristow Group, CHC helicopter, Eurocopter, the Flight Safety Foundation, the Helicopter Association of Canada, the Helicopter Association International, Shell Aircraft, and Sikorsky Helicopter. 

IHST members also establish international partnerships in countries with significant helicopter operations and work to encourage the overseas industries to carry out accident analysis and develop safety interventions.  Worldwide partners now supporting the work of the IHST include government and industry participants from theUnited States,Canada,Brazil,Japan,Australia,India,Russia, and multiple countries inEuropeand in the Middle East/North Africa region.                                             

More information about the IHST, its reports, its safety tools, and presentations from its 2011 safety symposium can be obtained at its web site: (www.IHST.org).

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IHSS Spotlight Vertilife: Feedback from IHSS 2011

Press release: The International Helicopter Safety Team re-targets small operators with a data-driven safety culture, by Frank Colucci

IHSS Spotlight Vertiflite

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The future EASA rules on Management Systems

The EHSIT ST on SMS and OPS invited EASA Rulemaking to provide an update during its last meeting in October. The presentation on the future EASA rules on Management Systems is available.

For more information, please visit the:


EHEST Safety Management Toolkit
An EHEST Manual and Toolkit will be published in  the second semester of 2012 for comments. This Toolkit is being developed for the Complex Operators by the EHSIT to comply with the future European rules regarding the management of safety. The Toolkit includes an example database of typical helicopter hazards, which can be used as a starting point by the operators for hazard identification and risk assessment.

Present and future EASA Rules on Management Systems
COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) No 290/2012  of 30 March 2012 has introduced Part-ORA / aircrew. See Section II Management, ORA.GEN.200 Management system. For information on other forthcoming rules on Management Systems please refer to the EASA Flight Standards page and EASA Safety Management page.

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