EGAST Leaflet – Flying Displays for Pilots (GA11) – Pre-Publication version

17 December 2015 – The EGAST Leaflet GA 10 addresses safety at flying displays and events and provides guidance for pilots. Originally published by UK CAA, the leaflet was adapted by EGAST for wider use in Europe. The European Airshow Council (EAC) supported this work. The leaflet addresses various important subjects such as managing the risk involved in airshows, planning your display, and practicing and preparing for your display. It also addresses the airshow itself and provides measures to take on the display day and after the display.
This is a pre-publication version that may be revised in view of feedback received and the outcome of the ongoing review of air display safety by the UK CAA following the fatal aircraft accident at the Shoreham air display.

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EGAST Leaflet – Flight Information Service (GA9)

GA99 April 2014 – The EGAST Team today published Safety Promotion Leaflet GA9 on the use of Flight Information Service (FIS). This leaflet is intended to assist pilots – particularly VFR pilots – in the correct use of FIS frequencies. As pilots are required to contact FIS at AFIS aerodromes or in certain circumstances such as crossing international borders, this leaflet describes the advantages and limitations of using the service. GA9 is the latest in the series of EGAST Safety Promotion Leaflets, which are all available for download from the EGAST website.

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AOPA Safety Letter on Stall

AOPA has published an Safety Letter on Stall, ‘Überziehen’, published as part of the February 2014 AOPA Letter. It can be downloaded from the AOPA Germany website (Language: German).

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EGAST Leaflet – Stall and Spin Loss of Control (GA8)

25 November 2013 – The EGAST Team today published a new Safety Promotion Leaflet on Stall and Spin – Loss of Control (GA8). The leaflet aims to help light aeroplane pilots recognise situations potentially leading to stall, while also providing generic principles for stall and spin prevention and recovery. Loss of Control Inflight (LOCI) has been repeatedly identified as the main accident category in light aeroplanes. The stall recovery procedure in the Leaflet is consistent with the new standard approach of the FAA AC 120-109 and EASA Safety Information Bulletin 2013-02, on Stall and Stick Pusher Training.

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EGAST Leaflet – Using Advanced Navigation Technology Safely (GA7)

26 September 2013 – The EGAST Team today published a new Safety Promotion Leaflet on Using Advanced Navigation Technology Safely. The market for onboard navigation technology is evolving quickly. The immediate potential safety benefits are numerous including reduced workload and unprecedented information to enhance situational awareness but the technology may also come with hidden risks including overreliance on systems and distraction. This Leaflet intends to raise awareness on potential traps and share good practices for better and safer use of advanced technology for navigation in day VFR.

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EGAST Leaflet – Weather Anticipation (GA3)

Feb 2012 – Aviation forecasts are important, and pilots must always expect to meet the forecast conditions.
However, a forecast only describes what is most likely to happen, and pilots must consider other possible outcomes. This leaflet should help pilots to recognise the approach of worsening weather before they fly into it.

EGAST_Weather Anticipation (ENGLISH)

EGAST Leaflet Weather Anticipation (CZECH)

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EGAST Leaflet – Decision making (GA2)

April 2011 – It is generally understood that most accidents are the result of the pilot’s actions, including the decisions that they make. This leaflet explains some of the factors that influence how the pilot’s decisions affect the safety and survival of the aircraft and its occupants.

Every flight requires the pilot to make decisions. Some are between two exclusive choices; the ‘go/no-go’ decision.  Others require the pilot to work out a course of action from available information.  The same factors affect both types of decision.

However, it is most important that the pilot is aware of the situation at all times and must be able to recognise early that a decision is necessary.

EGAST Leaflet Decision Making (ENGLISH)

EGAST Leaflet Decision Making (CZECH)

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EGAST Leaflet – Collision avoidance (GA1)

‘See-and-avoid’ is the main method used to minimise the risk of collision when flying in visual meteorological conditions. It is an integral part of a pilot’s ‘situational awareness’, in other words the skill  involved in looking outside

the cockpit or flight deck and becoming aware of what is happening around the aircraft.

This Leaflet, based on ICA O Circular 213–AN /130 and a Safety leaflet produced by the UK CAA , aims to help pilots  to make ‘look-out’ more effective. It should be of interest to all pilots, regardless of the type of aircraft they fly.

EGAST_Leaflet_Collision Avoidance (ENGLISH)

EGAST_Leaflet_Collision Avoidance (CZECH)


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EGAST – Radiotelephony guide for VFR pilots

The priorities for safe flying are ‘Aviate, Navigate, then Communicate’. Whilst this is always true, correct standard radiotelephony phraseology makes an importan contribution to the safe and efficient operation of aircraft.

Communication errors and inapropriate use of phraseology continue to feature as contributory factors in safety -related incidents throughout Europe.

EGAST_Radiotelephony guide for VFR pilots

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Video on the Loss of control in VMC

The loss of control in flight is statistically the major tpe of fatal accident in General Aviation in Europe. This video illustrates this an practical example a risky situation, leading to a loss of control.

This video is also available in French: ‘Perte de contrôle en vol à vue’.

This video was developped by the french “Institut pour l’amélioration de la sécurité aérienne” IASA in cooperation with EGAST.

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